Meo Vac Town, Ha Giang
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Posted on 08-08-2016 Hmong Trekking and Adventure Homestay

Meo Vac town is a dusty outpost not far from the Chinese border in Ha Giang province. Most travellers pass through here since it's at one end of the spectacular Dong Van - Meo Vac drive.

Try and time your visit to for the Sunday market where minority people from the surrounding  mountains descend on the town.

The main Meo Vac Sunday market takes place behind the town market. Further back again there's a livestock market where the locals trade horses, cattle, pigs - and even dogs. The livestock section may not be for everyone - with squeeling pigs and dogs about to be served up in local homes and restaurants.

Meo Vac Sunday market is probably one of the most photogenic places you'll visit in Ha Giang - but quite a few of the locals may have mixed feelings about being photographed. Be friendly and polite and you'll likely receive the same.

The walks and treks immediately outside Dong Van are more spectacular than those in Meo Vac so Dong Van makes a better base for a few days.

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