Ha Giang Foods - Five-color sticky rice
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Five-color sticky rice is a famous dish of Tay people used in traditional festivals. This unique sticky rice dish is made in 5 different colors: red, blue, white, purple, yellow represents the five elements, the Tay people think the color of the dish is more beautiful symbolizing the prosperity of the family. With eye-catching form, the fragility of the cake is difficult to make sticky rice became the food that makes the identity of the Tay in Ha Giang. Referring to the tour Ha Giang, in addition to the attractiveness of the majestic natural beauty, visitors will still remember the unique five-color sticky rice.


What is the meaning of the five-color sticky rice in Ha Giang?

The mippy round sticky rice through the skillful hand of the Tay woman in Ha Giang, has created a unique and eye-catching sticky cake. Not only owning a high aesthetic, these colors is also hidding the desire of the New Year to facilitate the Tay. With red meaning of aspiration. Blue represents the green of the mountains, hoping for good lands. Yellow represents the full warmth. Purple symbolizes prosperous land. White symbolizes fidelity in love.

Distinctive colorful cuisine in Ha Giang

To get delicious sticky rice, Tay woman uses sticky "yellow-flowers rice" to cook. For phenomenal paste cake, the rice needs to be soaked in water for 6-8 hours. After that, it is steamted on regular fire for favorably cooked and seasoned rice. In order to have five beautiful colors, the rice is divided into 5 equal parts to dye. Each color will be in a separate place, this is considered the most difficult step requiring the cunning skill of the Tay woman. In order to keep the eye-catching color, the dyed rice needs to be in order, the most easily faded rice color should be put at first ò the stove and the white rice is always put on top.

The sophisticated and meticulous way of Tay women has created a unique sticky rice which is the distinctive identity of highlanders. If you have the opportunity to travel Ha Giang, remember to enjoy and taste the delicate taste of this colorful dish. Even more, you can enjoy the opportunity to learn how to cook Ha Giang's colorful sticky rice with the guidance of indigenous people.

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