Ha Giang Festivals - Spring Festival
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Ha Giang Spring Festival is famous for its historic and cultural traditions. There are plenty of occasions to celebrate major events throughout the year. During the first three months of the lunar year, a lot of festivals take place across the country.

Vietnam has more than 60 ethnic minorities, each with its own dialects, costumes, and cultures, living scattered over the country for centuries. Despite such differences these groups have something in common to share and enjoy.
Like many other Asian countries, every year starts with the cultivation of a new crop of wet rice – the main source of food in Vietnam – which is celebrated in the form of religious rituals by ethnic groups to express their gratitude and respect to the gods.
The Dao in Ha Giang province regularly holds a spring festival on Lunar New Year’s Day to pray for good weather and a bumper crop. The Long Tong (Going to the Field) festival of the Thai ethnic minority, which takes place in Tuyen Quang, Lao Cai, and Bac Kan provinces, is a unique event to worship the gods and also bring people in the community together to feast and play games. At the festival, 4 youths were dressed from four positions to the festival.
On the festival tray is boiled chicken, square cake, honey rice cake… The sorcerer read heaven praying for good weather, good harvests… Pray for prosperous life, peaceful and eliminate the old customs.

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