Ha Giang Festivals - Fire Dancing Festival
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Pa Then ethic minority has over 5.000 people living mainly in two districts: Bac Quang and Chiem Hoa. Fire festivals have been kept as its tradition for years. 


The festival is considered as the new rice festival of the Pa Then. Fire dance fest starts in mid-October lunar calendar and lasts through New Year. To start the fire festival, it must have a sorcerer do liturgy.  The rite includes incense, a chicken, 10 cups of wine, paper money. A big fire was burned and the sorcerer begins the rite.

The time of liturgy lasts 1-2 hours before starting fire dance festival. When sorcerer beats the guitar, each youth will sit facing with sorcerer. It is the time for dancing fire. After that, he jumped into the fire without fear or sensation. Each people jumps into the fire for 3-4 minutes, then break up. One people can join the dance several times, thus showing the strength and agility of them. Fire dance is only for men and these guys always get the admiration, respect of everyone.

If visitors want to feel the mystery and sacred festival, you can join the fire dance of the Pa Then.  This is a unique festival and it is considered as the new rice festival, starts in mid-October and lasts the Lunar New Year.

Currently, in the village of Pa Then, fire dance festival still preserved intact, regularly held on the occasion of New Year, it is one of the focal point of tourists when they want to explore unique culture of Pa Then ethnic in particular and the northern ethnic in general.


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