Quan Ba market Ha Giang
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Posted on 16-08-2016 Trekking and Adventure

Today Tam Son town has developed well with modern houses and spacious public buildings but still maintains its peaceful, natural beauty blended with the beauty of human life. In town, you can visit Quan Ba market which display many local products for sell.

Every Sunday, Quan Ba market becomes very busy and exciting because it is the biggest weekly market concentration. From early morning, H’Mong, Dao, Giay, Nung people... from the surrounding communes, even tens of kilometers away, are cheerfully coming to the market.

The girls in colorful traditional costumes, the boys with back baskets, carring pigs, and chickens create a vivid atmosphere. For local people, the Sunday market is not only a place to purchase goods, but also a place for them to meet, interact, chat, or enjoy the food at the market.

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