Truly Ha Giang - Truly local experience

Truly Ha Giang is a brand name cooperated between C2i Social Enterprise and AsiaTravel | A leading tour operator of innovative tour packages. We focus on experimental educational and community experience tours. Our products are designed to educate people about how we, individually and collectively, identify social problems, and, to initiate ideas for positive changes.In partnership with NGOs and Social Enterprises, we have provided and operated life-changing tours in which both our travelers and community benefit

Our relationship with home-stay owners

Since the foundation of AsiaTravel we have motivated communities to participate with tourism. As a result we have developed strong relationships with home-stay owners all over the country and can monitor the quality of their service.

Tour initiatives and operation are kept being renewed

Our tour packages are tailored to the tour group and the conditions of the local sites. To achieve this we not only renew tour initiatives but also our tour operations. We make sure that returning customers always enjoy a different and enlightening experience

Network with NGOs and Social Enterprises:

To ensure our customers' contributions and efforts are sustainable and worthwhile we have established close relationships with NGOs and Social Enterprises in Vietnam. Working with these organizations enables us to provide the tools to measure the impact of your collaboration.


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