Pack your baggages and visit gold-plating Sapa this Autumn!
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Posted on 11-09-2018 Trekking and Adventure

Don't hesitate to come to Sapa around September or October, when it moves into the "golden rice season", this is the best time of the year at this place. With gorgeous terraced fields, such as climbing stairs leading to the sky, Sapa is always successful to gain tourists' attraction. Day by day, watching the valley of flowers, the spreading terraced fields with the golden color filled layer by layer and trekking down Ta Phin, Ta Van is indeed the best feeling ever.


Sapa has always been an appealing attraction to not only domestic but also foreign tourists at any time of the year: snow falls in white hills, spring with peach blossom, plum blossom in sunny summer and golden yellow color of rice, sunlight of honey in autumn.

Tourists should wisely pay Sapa a visit in the autumn season when Sapa flooded in the yellow color of rice terraces ripe rice fields.


Travel to Sapa in the golden season, visitors will not only admire the majestic terraces, they will also breathe the fresh air of autumn in a beautiful town of romantic Sapa. Blending in a humble yet phenomenal landscape with wildflowers hatching along hills, sunshine scattering as sweet as honey in any uphill roads. Sapa tourists will also be immersed in the romantic nature in harmony with the busy harvest season of local people. 


In the season of gold ripe rice, Sapa is quiet, peaceful and romantic. The weather is cool all year round, the temperature is only 18-25 degrees Celsius during the day, visitors will experience 4 distinct seasons in a day.

This time is also an ideal time to explore Fansipan peak for the adventurous tourists due to the dry weather, favorable for climbing activities.

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