Nung Ethnic Group in Ha Giang Vietnam
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Posted on 09-08-2016 local people

Nung people mainly distribute in Quan Ba district, they live in valleys nearly rivers, streams or hills and live on farming rice, with high cultivation technique. Their animal husbandry highly developed while other handicraft makings are very diverse such as forging, casting, carpenters, knitting, paper making and especially cloth weaving.

Clothing mainly in an indigo color, the Nung women wear five-panel robes with buttons under the right armpit. Men wear shirts upright collar leaving open at breast and belly but having a row of cloth bottons and four pockets without cover.

They live in wide stilt house with the outer compartment reserved for men and ancestor worship and the inner one reserved for women. Nung people do not celebrate death anniversaries, which makes birthday (celebration of life) for those beyond 50 years old and worship for the dead on July 15th, of lunar calender.

Wedding ceremonies still preserve many ancient customs and the brother of the groom’s mother plays a very important role in representing the groom’s family in mariage proposal and organising all ceremonies related to the wedding. The Nung flokloric culture is very famous with the “Sli”, a love dialogue song of the youth.

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