Le Cap Sac of Dao people Ha Giang Vietnam
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Posted on 09-08-2016 Dzao

The Dao is called by different names such as, Kem Mien, Ku Mien, Man, etc. “Le Cap Sac” of Dao people in Quan Ba is one of the festival reflecting clearly the cultural features of this ethnic minority.

“le Cap Sac” is nescessary for the men of Dao ethnic group. It is similar to thanh dinh ceremony of the Mong people which marks the maturity of a man in a family.

Dao people has custom of opening “le cap sac” for boys at the age of 13 that is requested, the Dao ethnic group has the concept of making the ceremony to thank the god of the forest, water god, the god of new rice, the god of earth…and report to the gods that their son had grown up. When boys are recognized as mature man, they can attend the big works in villages, hamlets and lineage. Mature concept of the Dao is simple enhancement of ethnic pride but it is also a deep spriritual meaning in their intangible culture. “le cap sac” often take place within 3 days and 3 nights with many pigs and chickens slaughtered in a big number depending on the economic condition of the owner. It can be said that “le cap sac” is a mature ritual of the growing-up boys. This is an important part of belief in the spiritual culture of the Dao people.

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