Highand Moc Chau in Autumn
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Posted on 17-09-2018 Trekking and Adventure

Moc Chau, Son La has long been known as the white highlands in autumn and winter, while the vast white cauliflower fields and plum forest bloom in a dated moment, dye the whole land in alike white fog.


Moc Chau plateau is 200km away from Hanoi, this is an attractive destination for tourists and especially at last half of the year. Here there are always white blooms stretching across the mountains, peach trees forest, plum moss with mysterious charm. At the end of October, early November, the plateau is immersed in the cold of the early morning mist.


Ban Ang is the most beautiful valley in Ban Gioc. There are many stilt houses of ethnic Thai with the tranquil scene, especially at the sunset time.

The most frequently visited tourist spots are: Ban Ang pine forest; Ba Phach villages 1, 2, 3; Ngu Dong Ban On Area and Tan Lap village.

Wild flowers with their wild beauty that fiercely rise up among the harshest of the mountains and forests of the Northwest are similar to the eternal vitality of the ethnic people in remote mountainous areas.

Don't hesitate to pay Moc Chau a visit this Autumn with us!

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