Giay ethnic minority Ha Giang Vietnam
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Posted on 09-08-2016 local people

Giay people mainly live on planting water rice and farming milpa. Every years, they organized the “Roong Pooc” ceremony to begin their farming season. Giay built pigsties and hen-coops far away from their houses to fields. Their noteworthy handicraft making are weaving and bamboo knitting

The dress of Giay people is simply, almost without embroydery and design. Men’s clothing consists of shirt opened at the right armpit with wide sleeves and wide trousers shortened down to the knees. Women’s dress consists of a buttock covering robe, opened at the right arm pit, broad sleeves with a piece of differently coloured cloth.

The Giay live in stilt houses with the middle compartment reserved for ancestor worship. The altar has 3 joss-stick bowls for the Land God, the Kitchen God and the ancestors. When the youth attains the age of marriage, their horoscope has to be taken and only suitable couple can marry. The Giay folkloric culture is very rich with poems, proverbs, phrases, parallel sentences. Folkloric songs are famous with 3 popular forms e.g

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