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Truly Ha Giang is proud of the dependable services it offers to customers and corporate clients.

We focus on innovative tour packages that are designed to help travelers enjoy the authenticexperience of local life.

- Community based tour packages: By choosing one of these packages, travelers will gain hands-on experience with another culture and appreciate a deeper connection with the local people and area

- Educational tour packages: These packages are designed to educate people about how we, individually and collectively, identify social problems, and, then, to suggest ways in which we can contribute to positive change locally and internationally.

- M.I.C.E: We value the concept of MICE tours and go that extra mile to create new, innovative experiences that serve to invigorate, relax and drain away all stress. After their trip each employee will be refreshed and ready to face new challenges! The diversityof our destinations (domestically and internationally), combined with our mantra of excellence and innovation results in endless travel possibilities and incentives for all budgets and interests.

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We are committed to achieve sustainable growth to the benefit of our customers byproviding innovative tour packages in which the balance of benefit between travelers and communities are ensured..


Tour operation contributes to the development of local livelihoods as well as benefit and protect local environments and cultures.

Travelers and locals behave respectfully towards each other and are able to exchange information and services that mutually benefit both parties
All travelers and tour operators are educated about how to make responsible choices in travel and where they give their money

Tours are designed around local needs, and local communities take ownership over tourism in their home areas.


To be a responsible and leading tour operation in Vietnam’s tourism industry; designing and operating innovative, sustainable packages that resoundingly demonstrate the positive impacts of ethical best practice

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